Starter Guide

This guide is for if you are using the level 70 scroll

Apex Questline

1) Complete Stepstone Isle quest line and use the pegasus to fly to Velika for the first time.

2) Start [Apex] Velika’s Banquet questline. Talk to Nerinder in the pavilion near the pegasus pad.

Towards the end of the banquet Seir will give you gear, accessories, and glyph crates. Put these on before you proceed. Finish Apex questline for remaining glyphs and points.

Money & Partners

3) Don’t forget to do your Ghillieglade’s for materials and gems.

4) You can do Guardian Flight missions to earn tokens for extra flight time and some starter gold after selling gems. Mission must complete to get tokens. You can also sell items from your free elite pass!

5) Start quests “Getty’s Invention” in journal and [Important] Hatching a Partner in Highwatch. They overlap a little in one area.

Island of Dawn & Solo Dungeons

6) Start [Solo] A New Beginning questline. This will introduce you to solo dungeons and the Island of Dawn, and get you well on your way to upgrading your gear.

When the questline takes you to the training ground, you don’t have to kill the Claw Rider. Just hit both the buff stones, get close enough for quest update and then /reset.

7) Travel to the Island of Dawn (IoD) for T3 starter etchings for next gear set.

Vanguards & Mats

8) You can use VG credits to buy crystals if needed.

Flight missions work for when you need to do Vangaurds.

9) You can run dungeon instances for mats and the next level of gear and accessories. Celestial Arena is a good source of Talents, Darics, Plates, upgrade mats for starter gear. It can be run multiple times a day per character.