TERA Starscape

…is a TERA private server. The most popular PvE TERA private server with free premium elite benefits and tons of old dungeons re-enabled! A free to play MMORPG with the only true action combat.

TERA Private Server Highlights:

Free to play:
● You can obtain all cosmetics & items just by playing the game

Premium Benefits:
● Elite status is active for all accounts

Easy Leveling:
● Every character starts with a level 70 scroll
● Improved experience if you choose to level normally

PvE Focus:
● No open world PvP
● Only consentual PvP through duels, GvG, battlegrounds, etc.

● No junk stat rolls

● Easier Artisan tests
● Less resources required

● Improved success rates
● Enchantment advantage
● Gear does not lose enchantment levels
● Gear does not get damaged
● Reduced gold cost

● Increased item drop rates
● Additional item drops

● Custom token shops
● Custom event shops
● Custom mystery & dungeon merchants

● Can obtain almost all cosmetics through the dressing room
● Can obtain costumes & weapon skins through fashion coupon shop

And much more…


Test your skills in Sky Cruiser Endeavor, Corrupted Skynest, Draakon’s Arena, Forbidden Arena, Bahaar’s Sanctum, and many more!

Or give in to your nostalgia and enjoy some of the dungeons of old.

A ton of old dungeons have been re-enabled!


Let’s face it, this is the real endgame!

Costumes have never been easier to obtain. You just have to play the game and visit the in game dressing room and fashion coupon shop!

A bursting dressing room, along with a huge selection of smart costume boxes are available for your modeling pleasure.

Getting Started

Been a while since you wandered Arborea? Not sure where to start?

With such a vast world, one can wonder what to do first!

Don’t worry, we got you. We’ve put together a starter guide to help get you on your feet.

Join the battle