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October 6, 2023 October 31, 2023

Strange noises have been heard eminating from within the Eldritch Academy grounds. Eerie rumors abound as to the nature of these sounds. Some believe the witches and warlocks of the Academy have awoken something evil from its slumber. Poru Elinu has requested brave adventurers venture forth and put a stop to the evil that certainly lurks within those walls. Are you brave enough to answer?

Visit Elonia (in Highwatch close to the solo dungeon NPCs) to teleport to the Academy and access the event shop.

- Different Halloween goodies everyday

Harvest Festival Hall:
- 3-person dungeon located in Eldritch Academy
- Receive currency for the event shop

Halloween Event Shop:
- Costumes
- Accessories
- Mounts
- Special Items

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