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Argon Invasion Event

June 30, 2024

The Amani, who have seen constant war with the Argons by protecting the Federations northern flank, have warned of a new threat.

Their most cunning scouts have reported that the Argons have been massing deep underground, out of the reach of the powerful Zulfikar Fortress cannons. They warn that this force could threaten not only Zulfikar Fortress, but the Iron Bastion of the North itself, Kaiator.

To further degrade the situation, there has been intelligence that suggests the Argons have been making alliances with other enemies of the Federation.

We must protect Kaiator at all costs, for if it were to fall, the Argon scourge would advance on all of Northern Shara.

Sunday 6-30-24 at 6:00 pm Server Time they will be invading from within Valgurati Stronghold.

Glory to Valkyon!

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