Patch Notes

With the closing of the Tera servers, an era has ended. But a new day dawns…

Bathysmal Rise & Bathysmal Rise Hard Release 2023-1-27

    Let there be crabs, er… and flying fishes! And robots?

    You can’t make this stuff up… but we brought it back!

    Experience this trifecta in Starscape’s latest release:

    Bathysmal Rise & Bathysmal Rise Hard

      Patch Notes 2023-1-27

        Dungeon Releases:

        • Bathysmal Rise (tier 2.5 – ilvl 460)
        • Bathysmal Rise (Hard) (tier 3.5 – ilvl 468)

        Vanguard Menu:

        • Manglemire now properly shows required adventure coins

        Instance Matching Menu:

        • Forsaken Island now correctly displays Exodor Superior Hand Armor Box
        • Wonderholme now correctly displays Option Change Scrolls

        Intelligence Reports Loot (complete rework):

        • Dark Shard Weapon Feedstock Box
        • Dark Shard Armor Feedstock Box
        • Relic / Halidom I Tokens
        • Brooch Etchings
        • Tikat
        • Strongboxes
        • Strongbox Keys
        • Legendary Weapon
        • Legendary Armor

        Enhanced Duranium Medallion:

        • Will no longer roll crit resist stat

        Specialty Merchant:

        • Added Bathysmal Rise Teleport Scroll


        • Added Tikat gift

        Patch Notes 2023-1-6


          • Christmas Event ends at midnight ST (details in Discord)


          • Removed [Event] Christmas Toy from all dungeons


          • [Event] Christmas Toy will no longer drop